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About Us



We supply high-grade materials and products for cooling panels, windows, doors, freezers, and the like. Our quality controls monitor all products for any flaws. We hold ourselves to high standards and achieve customer satisfaction through the supply of quality products.


Cooling panels and other materials need proper fitting and setting. We apply our characteristic professionalism for fitting your product whether you need a sliding door, window, or EPS sandwich panels.


Proper insulation is essential for the optimum functioning of the freezer and cool rooms. Our products serve as excellent insulation solutions, boosting the efficiency of your freezer setup. Our professionals apply industry best practices to build the best insulation structure for your particular needs.


We use strict shipping protocols to ensure the safe delivery of your ordered products. Whether you’re looking for EPS sandwich panels of different sizes (up to 6 meters), sliding double glass Windows, or Cool room doors, we deliver the requested product in the shortest time possible after receiving of order.